Tips on how to maintain a clutter free home, after completing the initial decluttering process.

Ordered Kitchen Cupboards

Maintaining a clutter free environment.

Just as we do regular cleaning, ironing & gardening for example, if we want to maintain a clutter free environment, we also need to do regular maintenance. 

My advice to people when they declutter initially, is to complete the process 1st & then if they wish to purchase some new storage, they are making the purchase to accommodate their newly refined possessions.

In this way, it can also act as a monitor. If down the line, the storage is unable to accommodate all of a person’s possessions, there is clearly an issue of a build up of possessions.

Practical Tips

  • Be mindful of events such as Christmas & birthdays when new items come into the home in the form of presents. If each member in a family of 4, receives 4 presents each at Christmas for example, this represents 16 new items coming into the home. The question is what is going to go?
  • In order to keep a status quo, January is thus a good time to review possessions.
  • Essentailly, it is a constant process of sifting & sorting, to maintain a newly decluttered home.
  • Another useful tip, is to only keep in the loft items that you use seasonally, such as christmas decorations, camping equipment, skiing outfits etc.
  • As the items in a loft are not visible, it is useful to have a list of what a loft contains. A lack of discipline in this regard, can literally store up problems for the future, especially when moving home.
  • Ensure that every item has a home. It helps to have items of each genre stored together, such as stationery items for example. This makes it easy to monitor what you have & being able to locate items easily, contributes to a more stress free environment for all the home’s occupants.
  • In terms of getting other family members on board with the clutter free living ethos, from my experience, my children were happy to pass things on to cousins or charity shops, once I had explained that it was like making a gift out of an item that they no longer needed or used.
  • A golden rule is to declutter again before you move home, in order to ensure that you are not paying for items to be packed & moved, only to then decide that you do not need them. This is particularly important in terms of planning what furniture, lighting items you take to your new home. Decide what items will work in each room. Moving home when managed effectively, can be stress free. I will give specific tips on the whole home moving process in another blog.

In conclusion:

  1. It is not rocket science – if we bring more items into the home without getting rid of things, our possessions will increase. So having decluttered, if we want to maintain a status quo, we must maintain the process of ‘items in, items out’ so to speak, on an ongoing basis.
  2. Managing our possessions is about regular maintenance.
  3. If we are struggling to fit items into the cupboards/storage that we have, this is a very clear indicator that we are accumulating more possessions once again & we need to take ACTION. This is the only way to break the cycle of decluttering, building up items & having to declutter again!
  4. Other benefits of a clutter free environment are that we do not waste money by erroneously buying new items that we already have, or have food going out of date in our fridge or kitchen cupboards.

Effective management means that a major decluttering process will never need to be repeated. In addition, a clutter free environment reduces stress in the home and contributes in a big way to creating a beautiful home that you love & that works for you in a practical way.

I can 100% recommend this way as living

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