Does your home give out a positive or negative energy?

Benefits of Positive Energy in the Home


  • Our homes are an extension of us as people. Traditionally, it is where we go to relax, unwind and spend time with our families. It should be a space where we find sanctuary and peace from the outside world. This fact alone highlights the huge challenges placed on our homes during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Our homes had to be adapted to accomodate working from home, home schooling and pretty much constant cooking with all meals having to be provided for all occupants with all schools, restaurants, eateries and cafes closed.
  • As a direct consequence, some homes may have felt more like a warzone than a tranquil, safe space. The resultant negative energy this would exude, would have exaccerbated an already difficult and unprecedented situation. For many, their homes became like prisons, with the associate sense of being trapped, by the Government dictat to “stay at home, stay safe and protect the NHS”


The Impact of entering a home with either positive or negative energy

  • Even in more ‘normal’ times, the energy that we pick up on entry into our homes, can have a direct impact on choices that we then make. Thus, the entry point of our homes is crucially important.
  • You may be fortunate enough to have an entry hall, which should ideally be kept clutter free and house something of beauty, such as fresh flowers, a much loved plant or a favourite ornament for example. If there is some natural light, even better.
  • Walking into such a space is likely to arouse feelings of being glad to be home, with a sense of feeling uplifted.
wellcoming hallway
  • However, for some, the entry point may be into a cluttered hallway, or even directly into a chaotic living room for example. This may trigger feelings of stress, and an atmosphere that pulls you down into a negative space.
  • I live in a 1st Floor flat, so the entrance hall is shared. The lovely couple downstairs prefer to keep the hallway neutral, so I am not at liberty to place things there. If I was, I would have a narrow consul table with fresh flowers! As an alternative, at the top of my stairs, I have my favourite Alessi objet (pictured below), which always makes me smile as I enter my home.
Alessi Ornament

Let us take a scenario: You return home after a long and tiring day at work, followed by a long and arduous commute. So feeling tired and hungry, you arrive at the door of your home…….

  • If you walk into a space with positive energy, despite your negative emotions, you may feel relieved to be home and uplifted by the environment that you walk into. With this possitivity, you are much more likely to then make some positive decisions.
  • For example, in the morning you may have made a decision to take some exercise on returning home – go for a run, a long walk or attend an exercise class. Picking up on the positive energy, despite feeling tired, you decide to take the exercise, as you know that you will feel better for doing it. Having achieved this, you are then much more likely to decide to cook a healthy nutritious meal from fresh ingredients.
  • By making both these decisions, you will feel a sense of achievement, which when reflecting on the day before going to sleep, means that your day is likely to end on a positive note. It is often said that the emotion we go to sleep on, will also be there when we awaken in the morning



  • If upon entering your home, you pick up on a negative energy, this feeds on your negative emotions of fatigue and hunger. The direct effect of this is likely to be that before you know it, you have entered the ‘poor me’ syndrone.
  • With this, you are much more likely to associate with feeling tired and hungry, thereby deciding that you are too exhausted to go for that exercise that you had promised yourself that you would do in the morning. With this comes a sense of failure. While you may push it down into the subconscious by self justification, it will still be there, in a suppressed form, with the associated defeatist ramifications.
  • This negative energy can then have an effect on the rest of the evening. For example, you are much more likely to decide that you cannot be bothered to cook & will order a takeaway instead. So you have a less healthy and nutritious meal than from cooking from fresh. In addition, you may well be spending money that you can ill afford to do.
  • On reflection at the end of the day, you may be really annoyed with yourself for once again not taking the exercise that you had promised yourself that you would. In addition, you may have also broken a commitment to make much more of an effort with regard to cooking more healthy nutritious meals for the week.
  • This leaves you with a sense of failure & disappointment with yourself. A really unpleasant way to end the day. However, tomorrow is a new day, so you resolve to start again the next day.
iImpact of negative energy in the home

Going forward, once you understand the direct impact of negative energy on your overall health, wellbeing and lifestyle, you will understand the importance of identifying the energy in your home.

How to identify the energy in your home

  1. Essentially this is an exercise of mindfulness. By coming fully into the present, you can really connect with the feelings aroused by your environment
  2. I recommend that you set aside a specific time, ideally when you are the only person at home.
  3. Go outside your front door and re-enter your home as if for the 1st time. Before you do so, pause, take in a few deep breaths, feel the outside air and really come into the present.
  4. On re-entry, stand quietly in the space and take note of your reaction to the aesthetics and how the space makes you feel. It is probably a good idea to have a notebook to jot down a few key points that arise.
  5. Work your way through the home one room at a time, repeating the same process as outlined above.
  6. Once you have done this, take the time to reflect on your findings. Are there particular rooms that you dislike or make you feel uncomfortable, emotional, and/or stressed?
  7. At this point, you may decide to get advice from someone like me with regard to the next steps.
  8. There is so much in the world which is out of our control, however, our homes in truth are the one place where we can exercise some control. This is the very reason that they should be a sanctuary from the stresses of the rest of the world.
  9. If you feel confident to deal with the task yourself, start with the room that creates the most negative feelings, as already mentioned. You are most welcome to contact me for a  free 30 minutes consultation call. You can book this here on this website, or email me directly at with your questions.


In conclusion, when we address such things in our homes, it can be life changing for all occupants. A home that is uplifting can elevate the mood. In addition, a home that works well in a practical sense, reduces stress. These factors result in a more harmonious, healthy environment for all.

I have referred to cooking from fresh ingredients a number of times in this blog. In the blog to follow this, I will share some simple practical tips on how to adapt your kitchen, so that cooking can be both cathartic & enjoyable.

Have a beautiful day.

With Very Best Wishes as ever,


Pauline Purves

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