Giving a room a spring revamp - what I did for mine.

Spring flowers

Personally, I have found the third national lockdown the toughest by far, so the arrival of spring is a real blessing and the perfect opportunity for a spring revamp. The change in the light that penetrates our homes means that I no longer need to set an alarm and simply allow the natural light to wake me up. I am a lark so the early rising with sunrise really suits me.

Inspired by the rich colours of spring, the luscious green leaves & trees, the pretty blossom shades, the stunning crocuses & daffodils, and of course the glorious blue skies, I decided to give my living room a spring revamp.

Imitating the spring colours within your home can bring a cheerier note to your living space. Bringing this joy & positivism inside, can be both uplifting & nurturing.

I decided to replicate the colours of the crocuses by introducing some new cushions

The daisy cushions are handmade from Isolyn. They are beautifully crafted and reasonably priced. The full range has many vibrant colours that are guaranteed to brighten up any room & you can view everything here

yellow leather reupholstered armchair

I had the chair above reupholstered in yellow leather to add to the mix replicating the colours of the crocuses.

Reupholstery can effectively transform a furniture item, making it as good as new. This reupholstery was done by a well established furniture company called David Lawrence. They have skilled master upholsterers and I would highly recommend them. You can view their website here

Re-accessorising a room, is a relatively low cost way of giving it a revamp.

Another tip is to change furniture around in order to complete a new look. I changed the position of the sofa, so that when entering the room, the sofa is now in full view, to add to the impact of the refreshed colour scheme.

Finally, as a finishing touch, have some fresh flowers. 

Contemporary Living room

I love my spring revamp, so why not have a go too – Good Luck.

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