Do a home assessment, to find out how it is working for you

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Making changes to our homes can have a positive impact on our overall health and wellbeing, so why not do a home assessment to evaluate what areas are working for you, and whether there are any that would benefit from a declutter &/or revamp. Below are some useful tips on how to do this:

Make an Assessment

Find some quiet time to work through your home taking one room at a time. I would recommend the following:

  1. Hallway – go outside the front door & then re-enter your house, as if for the 1st time. How does it make you feel? Is it welcoming? Do you like it? If not, ask yourself why & then, make some notes.
  1. Then work through each room. Once in the space, ask the same questions as above, but also reflect on the functions of each room and how well they work in each regard. For example, in the kitchen, what is it like to cook – does the layout work for you? Can you find things easily? Are spices & seasoning items close at hand when cooking? Do you have an effective easy to use recycling system? Are the saucepans etc. that you use regularly, easily accessible.
  1. Make notes as you go along. Once you have completed the process, reread your notes, and then make a list in order of priority, the rooms that you would like change, & what the changes are.
  1. This process should give you a detailed overview and from this, you can make an action plan. If there is one room that stands out as being one that you do not like, &/or has become quite unmanageable, you may decide to start with this.
Cluttered Kitchen top
Decluttered kitchen top

Action Plan

  1. Once you have chosen which room to start with, decide what exactly it is that you want to achieve. Decide if it is something that you think you can tackle on your own, or whether you would like to get some help from a Professional Organiser such as myself. Either way, I recommend that you work with someone, maybe a family member or a friend. You may find my blog ‘What exactly does a profesionsl organiser do’ helpful, and you can read it here
  2. If  the room you have chosen needs to be decluttered, you may find my blog ‘Tips on how to declutter’ useful, and you can read it here
  3. The kitchen images above show a client’s kitchen before and after we had decluttered and reorganised it. It was a small kitchen, and every cupboard and surface was crammed with ‘stuff’. The client did not have a lot of money, but had duplicated many items. She simply did not realise that she already had them, as they were obscured at the back of a cluttered cupboard. In otherwords, she was spending money that she could ill afford, on items that she actually did not need. The whole process not only helped her overall wellbeing by creating a practical stress free kitchen, it also had a positive impact on her finances.
  4. If the room you have chosen simply needs a revamp in terms of decor and accessories, first of all, decide what sort of budget you have. Simply reaccessorising a room can give it a fresh look, as to can moving furniture around to create a more spacious environment. You may decide on some Spring colours for example. You may find my blog on “Giving a room a spring revamp and what I did for mine” helpful. You can read it here
  5. If you decide you want to invest in some new storage, only do this once you have decluttered
Contemporary style Living Room

Finally, if you complete this assessment process and then realise that you are not really confident to tackle the task on your own, consider getting help. Afterall, we often get help in our homes with decorating, DIY, gardening and cleaning etc. It is nothing to be ashamed of. I may be a great organiser and ineriors stylist, but I am hopeless at DIY, so I always get help with this. We cannot all be good at everything!

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