Decluttering Tips

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Step 1

  • Make a decisive decision to tackle the issue. 
  • Decide whether you need the help of a professional organiser.
  • Ask friends or family if they have people they have worked with or know friends who may be able to make recommendations in this regard.
  • If you have met someone such as myself who has inspired you, make contact to have an exploratory conversation. You can book a free 30 minute consultation call with me here.
  • Prior to making such a call, have an idea of what budget you can allocate to the decluttering process.
  • Also consider how you would like to work – when is the best time for you, what are your energy levels like, are you able to dedicate a week for example to tackle the task, alternatively, would it suit you to do things at a slower pace.
  • If you have a family and/or partner who reside with you, are they onboard for the decluttering process?

Step 2

  • If you decide you want to tackle the task without professional help, make careful plans as outlined above.
  • Ideally get a friend or family member to work with you.


  • If you really struggle to get rid of things, it may be that for you, it is best to start with the items that you would find easiest to give away first.
  • If there is a specific aspect of your home that is burdensome, such as paperwork, tackle this first. The most important thing is to work on this until you have decluttered, reorganised, refiled and bought all the paperwork into one place in your home. Do not be tempted to be diverted to other tasks.
  • I always advise clients to declutter one room at a time. Once again, ensure that you focus and continue on the room until it has been decluttered, reorganised & cleaned, ensuring tops are clutter free, cupboards are ordered and if working in your kitchen, that cooking implements and oils etc. are within easy reach of the oven & hob.
  • Once you have decluttered you may consider alternative storage solutions, but the decluttering MUST be done first. Also, you do not necessarily need to spend money on expensive drawer dividers, for example, a robust shoe box etc. can be equally as effective in storing a specific item to sit within a drawer. There are also a plethora of drawer & cupboard storage items online, however many of them are made of plastic, which I think should be avoided.
  • With a little research other more eco-friendly choices can easily be found. For example, a cotton 9 section drawer unit from John Lewis for a very reasonable £10. You can find it here
Drawer organisation
Drawer organisation

Step 3 – What you will need

  • Ensure you have either boxes &/or bin bags, charity & recycling bags.
  • Strong gloves, tape, scissors, marker pens and labels at hand.

There are a number of choices of what to do with each item:

  • Keep​
  • Give to a specific person or community group/school for example
  • Auction/sell
  • Donate to a charity
  • Place in Household recycling that is collected
  • Take to a council recycling centre
  • Place on a website where if a person can collect an item, it is theirs to keep. Two examples are and
  • Anything that genuinely cannot be recycled or given away will have to go in landfill, ideally aim to keep this to a minimum.


Step 4

  • Ensure that you remove the items from your home as you go along, so that you can see the freeing up of space as you progress. This can be motivating and also makes the task easier.​​
  • Take regular breaks and try to enjoy what you are doing. If it is something that you have procrastinated over for a long time, be kind to yourself. Do not get over ambitious and get too exhausted. Measure is the key, otherwise you will have a decluttering spree, but not complete the task thoroughly & effectively.
  • If you start and realise that you cannot manage the decluttering process alone, seek help.


Good luck & you know where I am if you would like to use any of my services. You can book a free 30 minute consultation call here or email me directly at

Below are some images of my home, as evidence that I live by what I suggest to clients because it works!!

Contemorary ordered kitchen
Ordered Kitchen Cupboards
Contemporary Bathroom
Ordered bathroom drawers
Ordered Bathroom Cupboard
Decluttered Wardrobe

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