What energy will your staff walk into when they return to the workplace?

Are you a business, where your staff are now gradually returning to the workplace?

What will they find on their return? Is it COVID safe? What atmosphere are they entering into, in terms of energy? Have you even considered the latter?

With further restrictions due to be lifted on the 19th July, it is likely that a large swathe of staff returning to the workplace, will do so in september, after the summer vacation, and the end of school holidays.

So as an employer, now is the time to assess the workplace environment, to ensure that it is a pleasurable, uplifting, place, for employees to return to, and to work from.

Spacious offices with natural light

Many people have expressed anxiety about their return to the workplace in terms of the commute and what they may find on arrival, so the ambience they walk into is ever more important. Does it exude a positive or negative energy?

Biophilic design, natural light, space management, order, and cleanliness, can all contribute to a positive energy, which helps staff to feel respected, cared for and thus motivated.

Conversely, a cluttered, chaotic, unkempt environment, creates a negative energy, which can contribute to anxiety, and a sense of staff not feeling cared for and appreciated by their employer, which is very demotivating.

So this consideration by all employers is crucial, as we migrate towards the new ‘norm’. While big corporates may have large budgets for this, it does not have to be expensive. With creativity, a workplace can be transformed within a small budget. This is where I can help.

With over 30 years in the design business, as the co-founder of the iconic contemporary retailer Purves & Purves in the early 1990’s, I have many years of design experience and interior problem solving.

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Act now & show your staff that you care……..which in the long term will improve staff satisfaction, performance, and retention levels.

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